First Tribal Art Urn - Handmade Art Urns Website

This Art Urn is the first piece of pottery I sold. I sold it at a local coffee shop here in Hemet California for I think $190.00. The owner of the coffee shop called me in a couple weeks and said someone bought it as a cremation urn for there loved one. I though OMG! I should make these things. So that was start of my journey making one of a kind art urns. That was back in like 1998. I have grown as a potter since then but this piece is still today my favorite. It is not because  it is the first one I sold it is because it is just the perfect shape and the smoke decoration I put on the outside was really difficult to accomplish. I also used a find exotic wood called Coca Bola. It is a hard wood from Africa that has reds, oranges, yellows and purple colors in it. It is gorgeous. Polished with a natural orange oil. Make the rock knob for each piece. It will always hold a special place in my heart.