Tribal Cat Urn made by Ceramic Artist Matthew Kennedy

This is a cat urn that I created for a special client. An artist in Italy actually drew the tribal cat eye. She was an awesome artist and a friend. I used little bits of glass, called glass frit to mix with the crackle glaze. I like the combo of the glass used.

The lid for this pet urn is made from the exotic African wood called "Wenge" it is a great wood to work with on the lathe. I like turning it because it comes off the tool edge very smooth. It actually is very dangerous to work with. When you carve into it tiny wood slivers fly and will cut your lungs up if you are not careful. I make sure to wear a very good mask when working with it.

Picture of "Wenge"

 Tribal Cat Urn

This is a pet urn that I crafted for a friend of mine on-line. He had a Pit Bull that had passed away and wanted a hand crafted urn for his best friend. I love the colors red and black so this one is special to me. I like the way the tattoo machine took out the sections behind the eyes.

This was a cat urn that I made for a client. It has a black ink used on the top and a crackle glaze. The Wenge wood I used turned out to have really nice grain in it.

I sprinkle glass in the bottom of every cremation urn that I create. That and the rock for the knob of the piece are my signatures for the urns that I make. 

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