Agateware Artistic Urn by Ceramic Artist Matthew Kennedy

This is a artistic Urn that is called "Agateware". It is a process that involves mixing two different clays together so that when you cut through it or trim it you see all the color variations. I used a blue mason stain for this particular one to color one white clay body and then mixed that with white clay. The lid is made of an exotic wood called "Purple Heart". It has a purple hue to it and very pretty. 

Here is a great video on how to produce Agateware. 

Agateware comes from agate stone and when you cut into agate stone you can see the  multi colors in the middle. I love that you never know what you are going to see until you start to trim the urn and reveal the colors. It is like that with pottery, you have a sense of excitement and unknown to what is going to happen next.  

Me Throwing on the potters wheel...

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