Handmade unique and Personalized Artistic Cremation Urns by Ceramic Artist Matthew Kennedy

This is a Tribal Hawk Urn I did for a client about ten years ago. It has some black enamel I put in the tattooed areas. I know use inks and different materials for the inside of the carving area. The black enamel is still good though for certain things. I will use any kind of artistic medium I can find if it "works". Like to stick to a tattoo/tribal/graffiti theme though.

This is an urn that I painted black under glaze on first and carved though it to show the white clay beneath. I love to do detailed carvings like this. They take forever but I feel such a sense of accomplishment once they are done :)

This is a Shark Urn that I created for a custom order. You can see the tattoo marking very well in this urn with the white clay. I used the black under glaze on this one as well. It has Wenge wood for the lid. 

I really liked this urn as it has a glaze called "Copper Adventure" and it is real shinny and deep. Black ink was painted on the rest of the body with black walnut wood.

Here is another better example of the "Copper Adventure" glaze.

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